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  • Why Join a LEADS group? To grow your business with the help from a team working together to share leads, experience and knowledge.

    General Information

    A leads group composed of business professionals within the Bloomingdale Chamber of Commerce that meet regularly for the purpose of helping businesses succeed by exchanging leads and referrals with people they know and trust. 

    Think of your fellow lead's members as an extension of you at networking events.  While attending events if lead's members come across someone in need of product or services that someone in the leads offers, it is their duty to capture that contact information and forward it to the LEAD's member. If at all possible the lead's member can help make the introduction. It is highly encourage for LEAD's members to be attending Chamber events to network on their behalf, as well as always keeping their fellow lead's members in mind.  

    Presentations are made periodically by each member of the group to help others understand what is qualified referral or lead for that member.  Educational presentations are also made occasionally for members to continue to learn about marketing, business and networking. 

    Members are to deal with each other in a professional manner at all times.  Members will uphold ethical business practices and not take unfair advantage of information or membership. Unethical business practices will result in forfeiture of membership.

    Membership – A leads group is industry exclusive; therefore only one person from each type of business is allowed to join. Membership is $60 annually billed in January, and prorated for joining later in the year. 

    Meetings – Meetings are held on the first & third Wednesday of the month at Bloomingdale Bank & Trust at 108 S. Lake St (except in January it is the 2nd and 4th, and no meetings in July or December which we have after hour events.)

  • LEADs ONE (Opportunity Network Exchange) meets on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 8:00 am.  For more information to attend as guest or join contact John Rossini from Edward Jones Investments at 630-295-8115 or John.Rossini@EdwardJones.com


  • Guests – A guest may visit two meetings before deciding to join.  A visitor is allowed to speak about their business for one minute or less for the first meeting. A guest does not have to be a member of the Bloomingdale Chamber of Commerce, but they are required to join if they want to join a LEADs group. It is encouraged for LEADs members to bring guests to meetings to introduce them to the group.

    Attendance – If a member misses three consecutive meetings, their category will be open for any new member waiting to join a LEADs group. Refunds are not given for no attendance.

    Contributions – Every member is expected to bring leads and/or referrals to each meeting. A lead is a new contact, someone who is looking for the product or services your fellow LEADs members offer with their contact information so the LEADs member can follow up.

    How can you ensure that you are passing qualified referrals to your networking partners? Check out the below checklist to convert a potential lead into a referral for someone in your circle.

    • When someone in your life expresses to you that they may be interested in a product or service, have a conversation with them to determine if their needs fit the services offered by the organization you have in mind.
    • If the needs do fit, share with the potential referral that you know someone who may be a fit to help them and explain how you know your referral partner.
    • If the potential referral appears receptive to this connection, ask if you can share their contact information.
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